Who and what we are

The game of bridge is probably the worlds most fascinating card game. Surely it is the most widely played card game with identical rules all over the world. These are famous words of Hans van Staveren and we can only agree on this. Obviously, the internet has dramatically enhanced the possibilities to play bridge with people all over the world. To play bridge on the web you can go to OKbridge. But you'd better come to bridgeclub RUIT. We founded this non-smoking club in January 1995. Regretfully, smoking is still very common. Here, we try to combine the pleasant atmosphere of  NOT smoking during game and yet playing bridge on every desirable level. We welcome all players that feel attracted by this and want to improve their bridge skills. Just drop by and have an evening with challenging games of bridge for only 2,50. We play on Thursdays in the south of Amsterdam close to the Olympic Stadium. Address: IJsbaanpad 45, Amsterdam, start 19h45. Parking space available. Public transport: Tram 16, Buses 23, 170, 172.


If you want to leave a message or ask for more info about RUIT, please call or mail to Edwin de Ruiter, phone (0)294 413419 . We hope to see you or hear from you soon.